is an architectural designer & writer 
currently based in Cambridge, MA.




Mundane Fantasies: Vessel No. 167 (2018) 
Venice Biennale, Partner Programme of the American Pavilion. 

A proposal for a composting, seed giving, vessel for locals and tourist of Venice - maintenance of space as a social art.

(MUNDANE) Venice, Queen of Seas, does not exist without the gondola, but also the working boats of the city - vaporettos, waste collection vessels, produce barges… Everyday between 6am - 8am, the Sinking City is tended to by waste collectors. In this prosaic ritual, garbage mounds dumped onto campos are quietly transferred, by foot, into waste collection trolleys and onto barges destined to the mainland. Ifone remembers the campos’ original dedication to agriculture, present day dependency on the mainland for the import of produce and processing of waste becomes ironic.

(FANTASIES) Vessel No. 167 inserts itself into the campo to make a spectacle of food waste in Venice. Transforming from a mobile trolley for the collection of compost into a ‘gondola’ vessel for the dissemination of seed from Certosa, an emphasis is placed on the cyclical relationship between consumption and production. Ennobling food waste as parallel to seed vessels, locals and tourist in a new type of exchange away from purely monetary paradigms.