is an architectural designer & writer 
currently based in Cambridge, MA.




Telescope House (2015) 
wood, metal 

Galloway Forest Park, Scotland

(PART ONE) Exploring the spacial and physical characteristics of wood in an almost anti - gravity like manner. Juxtapositions of scale is explored in the difference between the mass of tree trunks and the (lack of mass) in slim metal rods. Fascinated by the contrariety between the rough bark and the smooth shiny metal, this exploration questions the fine line between architecture and sculpture.

(PART TWO) An observation home for astronomers.Located deep inside the Galloway Forest Park of Scotland, this is the home of a star gazer. Almost literally utilizing the initial research of a tree branch, this house plays with the idea of inhabiting a tree. Here, activities are carried out during the night - a peculiar emphasis on how the client adverts light during the day. Although the exterior form blends in seamlessly with the forest, it rises from its surroundings, offering clear views of the beautiful night sky.