is a designer and writer from Hong Kong,
currently based in New York City.


is a designer and writer from Hong Kong, currently based in New York City.

‘Terraqueous Intimacies:
To Sink, Sip, and Swim’ 

DISC Journal
Issue 2.0: Intimacy
Essay & images produced for DISC– an experimental publication that explores media, technology, and environments through themed books, events, and products. DISC is editorially independent, para-institutional, and guided by an ever-changing advisory circle.

391 full color pages
6” x 9”
Launched in:
NYC Jan. 20, 2023 @ Bungee Space
LA Jan. 29, 2023@ Materials & Applications 

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Featuring work by:

Aaron Betsky, Abdul Qutub, Adam Maserow, Adam Miller, Adrian Silva, Alexandra Pereira Edwards, Alfredo Thiermann, Andrew Economos Miller, Andrew Holder, Ani Liu, Austin Wade Smith, Ava Violich Kennedy, Brooke Holm, Charles Weak, CoCo Tin, Corinne Botz, Courtney Richeson, David Eskenazi, Deborah Garcia, Dr. Regner Ramos, Elizabeth Galvez, Elizabeth Henaff, Elsa MH Mäki, Evan Pavka, f-architecture, Geoff Manaugh, HOME-OFFICE, Henry Weikel, Isabel Strauss, Jaffer Kolb, Jason Campbell, just practice, Kleanthis Kyriakou, Lafayette Cruise, Leah Wulfman, Lukas WinklerPrins, Malcolm Rio, Mamoun Nukumanu Friedrich-Grosvenor, Marianna Gonzalez-Cervantes, Mark Wigley, Materials & Applications, Melanie Hoff, Miles Gertler, Mindy Seu, Nahee Kim, Park Frost, Phillip Denny, Rita Rui Ting Wang, Sonia Sobrino Ralston, VERS Collab, and Wendi Yan.

Special thanks to founding editor-in-chief Ian Erickson for the invitation.

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