is a designer and writer from Hong Kong,
currently based in New York City.


is a designer and writer from Hong Kong, currently based in New York City.

material ecologies, J-Term course

Harvard University
Graduate School of Design
OffCUT(s) is a provocation in designing with forgotten remnants of the construction industry. By bringing new life to offcuts, students will metamorphose these remnants into objects, intervening prior to their imminent fate of ending up in landfills. Internationally, the built environment generates nearly 50% of annual global emissions, and interior finishes can account for up to 50% of a building’s carbon footprint. The course borrows frameworks of circular economies from fashion [see Marine Serre Autumn/Winter ‘18] and product design [see NikeLab Chicago Re-Creation Center c/o Virgil Abloh] and applies them to architecture.

Building off recent discourses at Harvard Graduate School of Design, this J-term focuses on the scale of an object as a rapid case study. Together we will establish more responsible models of practice in this age of ecological sensitivity and networks of material systems.

In collaboration with Marya Demetra Kanakis.
The Transmogrify of a Towel

Princeton Unviersity
English Department
The Transmogrify of a Towel floats at the intersection of fashion, architecture, gender discourse, and ecology. In examining wet space(s) and wet time(s), toweled bodies fashion a porous sense of self and asks us to seriously rethinking our dry biases on a wet world. 

Big thank you to Anne Anlin Cheng for the invitation to speak in her class on literature & fashion, the students for a wonderful discussion, and grateful for Emanuele Coccia course [ROM-STD 161 The Ego in Things] where the seeds for this work was planted.
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